Development and training

Each day at Pandora presents new opportunities for development to help you achieve your goals and discover your passions. If you are energetic, take initiative and shine in your role, you will be entrusted with freedom and responsibility that allows you to grow and discover your best professional self.

We support each employee’s development by offering opportunities to learn and grow for all positions within our organisation, ranging from development within crafting positions to staff and management development. 

The experience you gain on the job is integral to your professional development. Ongoing mentoring and coaching support your growth and help you get the most out of every opportunity. 

Combined with the formal training programmes and development opportunities Pandora offers, on-the-job experience enables you to be a pioneer in your role, learn from each experience and pursue new directions in your career.  

Read about some of our development and training programmes

Global Graduate Programme

Passion in Leadership

Richard Alvarez
Agile Architect, Global IT

"What makes Pandora special is its commitment to the employee. At every turn, Pandora has ensured that I have the best tools for my job."