At Pandora, passion shapes the way we work each day. We put our hearts into every new adventure before us. We approach every new opportunity with spirit and enthusiasm, embracing it fully. But as passionate as we are about the road ahead, we never lose sight of the world around us.
The giraffe
The tallest land mammal wanders majestically across the savannah with a bird’s eye view – and its feet firmly planted on the ground. Tall enough to perceive both the threats and opportunities that lie ahead, the giraffe sees the bigger picture. A lesser-known fact about the giraffe is that it has an immense heart. A fine-tuned and powerful organ that enables the unique creature to survive and overcome everyday challenges. The giraffe is also very protective of its young, putting all its love, passion and strength into protecting its family. 

While different from any other creature on the planet, the distinctive giraffe uses its uniqueness to its advantage. It is true to itself. Genuine. Confident. And above all, wholehearted in everything it does. We like to think we have much in common with this passionate, one-of-a-kind animal who sees the world a bit differently from anyone else.

What passion means at Pandora:

  • We care for and respect our surroundings, colleagues, partners, consumers and the world we live in.
  • We see beyond our own tasks and responsibilities, we understand the bigger picture.
  • We make time to have fun and celebrate our achievements.
  • We are proud of our heritage and passionate about future possibilities.
  • We thrive on creativity, innovation and curiosity to improve.


Pandora Passion