At Pandora, we are more than just a global team of colleagues. We see ourselves as a pride – a close-knit group of individuals who, working together, are a force to be reckoned with. As a member of our pride, you’ll work closely with other passionate Pandora people around the world to make up the heartbeat of our unique culture.
Retail operation manager, Italy

"At Pandora, we are surrounded and supported by a team of people focused on working together and achieving the same goal. That's Pandora pride for you."

What defines the pandora pride?

Each person is important, and no one is more important than the team.
We have mutual trust, help each other and follow through on our promises.
We listen and communicate effectively with respect for diverse views and experiences.
We are curious to experiment and share our knowledge to develop the team.
We are a team across the globe and business functions. 

The Lion
A lion pride is made of strong individuals. Each of them is important, but none more important than the group and it is when they work as a team that they are most successful. Lions focus on a common goal, then work together to reach it. Lion prides are formed to succeed. Lions rely on each other. Though often not related, lions in a pride function as one big family. They help each other and stand together to protect their turf and raise their cubs. Their instinct to form a pride and work together is key to their survival and success. 

Working as one united pride has true value. It is together as a pride that they work best. It is no wonder, then, that we at Pandora feel a strong connection to this unique, powerful, interdependent group.