Becoming a franchisee


Pandora jewellery is available in over 100 countries through our concept stores, online stores, online market places and other points of sale.

Our concept stores remain the ultimate place for inspiration, guidance and personal advice. Here, customers can fully explore our jewellery universe with inspiration and guidance by store employees to choose the right jewellery. Our concept stores are either owned and operated (O&O) or franchised. In parallel, our online stores service customers across the world and continuously offer new and personalised services to allow the customer to decide how, when and where to visit and shop at Pandora. Our main retail formats are concept stores and shop-in-shops:

Concept stores

A concept store is a full-blown Pandora store, which carries a complete assortment of Pandora products, has a branded Pandora store front and is furnished only with Pandora fittings and displays.


A shop-in-shop is a clearly defined space in a store or department store dedicated to Pandora. The shop-in-shop has Pandora fittings and displays and carries a wide assortment of Pandora products. The shop-in-shop will typically look very much like a concept store on the inside (except smaller), generally without the Pandora branded store front.

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