Pandora performance stems from the can-do attitude built into every Pandora employee’s DNA. We love what we do, and with our energy and drive we consistently challenge norms and reach seemingly impossible heights.
The Bumble bee
It’s the bee that stands out from the all other bees. A truly unique creature, the bumblebee may seem small – but seems to thrive on exceeding expectations. Some say that its flight defies the laws of aerodynamics: the way the bumblebee is built, it should be incapable of flight. It simply does not have the capacity in terms of wing size and beats per second.

But these equations do not affect the bumblebee’s thoughts. It’s not one to give up. It’s instilled with firm determination to do excellent work, and with great energy, it performs what should be impossible. It isn’t held back by what some say can’t be done. It thrives on the challenge. And it succeeds in delivering an incredible performance every time. 

The bumblebee in an inspiration that reminds us each day that whatever challenges lay ahead, our relentless efforts and deep-seated belief in our vision will allow us to reach our destination.

What defines pandora performance?

  • We deliver high quality performance and accept responsibility.
  • We work with dedication and have a positive can-do attitude.
  • We are agile, strive for simplicity and embrace challenges.
  • When problems arise, we resolve it, move on swiftly and learn from our mistakes.
  • We benefit from owning the full value chain and continue to improve the effectiveness of all stages.


Pandora Performance